About us

improofficeWe are a dynamic growing company, founded in 2015 in Abkhazia. Our distinctive feature is a large and diverse range of quality products.

When we have started our professional activity, the catalog was limited to household chemicals only, but we took into account all the wishes of our customers and expanded our specialization. Now we can provide: - high-quality home textiles, which are distinguished by worthy aesthetic characteristics (an excellent gift for any holiday) - modern home appliances; - selected frozen foods; - various home care products. We strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers as much as possible, therefore in the near future we are planning to add several more directions for sales. We value customer's opinion. The company's policy is focused primarily on the provision of the necessary commodity items. Why buying from us is profitable?

  • The entire range is selected with care for consumers, in accordance with all standards of quality and reliability.
  • Our suppliers are exclusively proven companies that for many years have a good reputation.
  • Frozen products undergo strict quality control, which guarantees their health benefit and excellent taste properties.
  • Household chemicals are highly efficient and absolutely safe for human health.
  • The fleet is equipped with the advanced trade equipment (5 units for chemicals and 2 units for frozen goods).
  • Quick reception and order processing.
  • The pricing policy is loyal and allows you to purchase goods at the lowest possible cost, we do not wind up prices, because we directly receive goods from manufacturers.

Briefly about us:
We value our reputation, so we try to meet a decent level both in customer service and in the provision of selected and high-quality products. Thanks to a well-established logistics supply chain, timely delivery of goods to our warehouse is ensured. The company "Impro" is ready to accept applications from wholesale customers, and expand the boundaries of trade for partnerships. Also, an individual approach to any customer is guaranteed. We deliver throughout the territory of Abkhazia. The time and date convenient for you can be agreed with our phone manager.